Over 25 years ago, the first Metro Maryland Youth for Christ IMPACT High School Conference was held in West Virginia with 300 in attendance. Since then, a second middle school conference has been added, and they both are held at the Ocean City, Maryland Convention Center. The ALIVE Middle School Conference is held in November and the IMPACT High School Conference is held in March. Nearly 2,000 attendees and 500 leaders, from six states and many denominations, are in attendance at each conference.

A YFC Conference is an inspirational and fun-filled weekend with the newest and hottest Christian musical guests, drama teams, and motivational speakers from all over the country. Leaders and students enjoy powerful assemblies, worship, and life-changing workshops, geared from leadership training to tough issues confronting today’s youth.

From the beginning, we realized the importance of providing quality training for the leaders attending. We have anywhere from 600 to 1,000 adult leaders in attendance at each conference. We realized this audience held tremendous potential for the future of the Church and as a result we wanted to provide them with outstanding training and an opportunity for spiritual renewal.

What Students Are Saying...

from previous Impact conferences

  • Impact 13 – My heart will sing no other name – Jesus, I get down, He lifts me up.  I get down, He lifts me up.

  • Wouldn’t have wanted to spend my weekend with anyone else, or doing anything else.  I love my Campus Life family.

  • Don’t turn from God and get bitter, turn to God and get better.

  • Listen up, your dreams are NOT dead, they’re just sleeping! God is wanting to use them, so LET HIM!

  • I honestly feel like a new person, and this time it’s the real deal.  My past will stay in the past.

  • Words can not even describe tonight.  I love my Campus Life family so much.  I’ll remember this night for the rest of my life.

  • Impact has changed my life, my relationships with not only God but with people and the world around me.